Award ceremonies should be for only eighth grade

Bak recently put an end to sixth and seventh grade award ceremonies, replacing them with recognition events in class, while eighth graders participate in an awards ceremony.

Bak should continue to only reward sixth and seventh grade students in their classrooms, instead of a ceremony in the gym.

According to, teachers must learn to treat children fairly by not treating them all equally. Eighth graders already have many privileges, however they deserve a ceremony to sum up their final year at Bak. They are leaving the school, therefore it makes the most sense to give them a large ceremony before they go to high school.

Along with the fact that awards ceremonies for every grade level are not the way to make students equal, they take valuable time out of the school day. Students should be spending the time they take out of their day participating in an awards ceremony, learning in their classrooms.

While some may believe sixth and seventh grade awards ceremonies are a necessity to motivate and encourage students, they are the participation trophies of middle school. Students do not need motivation at the end of the year. Cleary, this is not the case, it is a case of equality. However, giving the eighth graders privilege is not unfair, it is a reward.

Bak should not continue the sixth and seventh grade awards ceremonies because they are not necessary, nor worth the class time missed.