Boys Volleyball spikes into end of season


Snehith Enjem

Luca Oberndorfer, setter, and Cole Hamilton, outside hitter, wait to set the ball and make a good play against the opposing team, Independence. They later lost the game against Independence, losing both sets on May 7.


As the 2018 season came to an end, Bak’s boys’ volleyball team battled opponents from across the division and ended with a 2-2 record.

“I have been coaching the boys’ volleyball team for about seven years now and we love the competition from this sport,” Matthew Sallas, coach, said.

The Bak Stars kicked off their season on April 23 at Independence Middle. They lost all of the sets that they played [25-15, 25-18] resulting in a loss for the team.

“The other teams in our division that we play have good players and are sometimes more aggressive than us and make better plays against our team,” Kevin Stricker, middle, said.

Moving on, they competed in a home game against Palm Springs on April 25. The game was neck to neck but resulted in a win, the Stars winning all of the sets [27-25, 25-16].

“The other teams that we play against in our division this season (Independence, Watkins, Jupiter) are not as good as our team,” Evan Riccardi, server, said.

The Stars ended the week off with an away game against Watkins on April 27. They got the victory over the team and won both sets [25-23, 25-20].

“The other teams have great competition and they also have very good athletes,” Sallas said.

From there, the Stars lost against Jupiter on May 1 and were defeated by Duncan. They also lost against Independence on May 7 and were beaten by Duncan on May 10. They closed out the season with a {} against Jupiter on May 15.

“While we have not made the playoffs the last two years, we have been a winning team the previous five years of my coaching experience,” Sallas said.  “We are always competitive and no matter what there is always a good match.”