Star singer Juliana DeFeo aspires to be performer


Kate Wagner

With total concentration on her performance, DeFeo sings her new song, “Stay Young” alongside her brother. Together, they had performed at Common Grounds Coffee Shop on May 5. “Julianna started performing because it really shows who she is and I can tell Julianna and Joey both love what they do,” Connie DeFeo said.

“Do not look back, you will fall behind chasing your dreams” was a motto that Juliana DeFeo, seventh grade vocal major, lived by as a student pursuing her dreams of becoming a performer.

“Performing is a chance for me to embrace my personality, and I probably would not do anything else in my life, because I love showing who I really am,” DeFeo said.

DeFeo, who had been singing since she was eight years old, had started performing alongside her older brother, Joey DeFeo. Together, they have performed for many charities and benefits that support cancer research, and at many South Florida events such as Uncle Gary’s Rock & Rib Fest, and the Boots & Bourbon County Music Fest.

“We cover mainly country and some pop songs, and we also have written about 30 original songs, including ‘Stay Young’, which is coming out in two weeks on Spotify and Youtube,” Juliana DeFeo said.

DeFeo and her brother also sang at local coffee shops, restaurants, and festivals.

“The best part is getting to write and spend time with my sister, it is just meant to be and what we like to do,” Joey DeFeo said.

At their home, the siblings have a professional recording studio where they have recorded their own original songs, in pursuit of starting music as a career.

“The best part of this experience is being able to support them in doing something they are so passionate about and I am most proud of them for continuing to work hard at following their dreams,” Connie DeFeo, mother of Juliana DeFeo, said.

Juliana DeFeo and Joey DeFeo promoted their performances and events on their social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat at JunaNJoeyMusic.

“Not only in my performing, but also in life, I want to be like a red flower in a green field,” Juliana DeFeo said. “I want to stand out and show the world I am not afraid.”