Parent Teacher Organization benefits Bak MSOA in many different ways


Parent-Teacher Organization, more commonly known as the PTO, is a group at Bak MSOA that helps the school.

Throughout the year, PTO gathered funds for Bak, teachers, and clubs. However, the staff believes that the work the PTO does for the school is under appreciated. PTO is an important part of Bak and without them, students would not have many of the experiences they have in school each day.

Many students may not realize the enormous amount of work the PTO puts into Bak each year. They contributed to Bak this year in many different ways, ranging from Starfest to giving teachers grants. This work helped enrich the school and make it a better place.

Students should appreciate the time and effort the members of the PTO donate to the school. They help the school to perform daily tasks and recognize staff.

One way the PTO helped was organizing the Starfest fundraiser. Starfest is an annual event with a goal to showcase what Bak has to offer. All art areas participate and the money raised go to many different aspects of Bak, such as teacher grants and the eighth grade dance.

Another way the PTO helped the school was through its teacher and club grants. PTO donated $500 to National Junior Honor Society for the 2018-2019 school year. This grant will cover the organization’s fees, help with volunteering events, and give the members more freedom. Teachers were also able to apply for grants to enhance their classrooms and students’ experience.

The PTO is an important part of school. Students and parents can get involved by donating to the organization, or joining the board.