Yogurtland serves up best frozen yogurt


Frozen yogurt is a popular creamy dessert. I visited Yogurtland, GoYo! Frozen Yogurt, DiY Frozen Yogurt, and Menchie’s to find the best frozen yogurt in Palm Beach.

First, I went to Yogurtland. The vanilla frozen yogurt was smooth, but needed to be a little sweeter. It cost only $4.24 for one serving. The establishment was clean and the cashiers were polite. Overall, I give it a four out of five stars for good service and decent frozen yogurt.

Next, I visited GoYo! Frozen Yogurt. The self serve stations were  clean. The frozen yogurt also needed more sweetness, similar to Yogurtland, however it had a stronger vanilla taste that made the yogurt more enjoyable to eat. It was also inexpensive at $4.47. It had a creamy consistency. The cashier was friendly, although instead of welcoming me when I entered the establishment he was watching a video on his phone. Overall, I give GoYo! Frozen yogurt a three out a five stars for inadequate service but delicious frozen yogurt.

Later, I visited DiY Frozen Yogurt. The frozen yogurt had a sweet vanilla taste, but the consistency was not smooth and seemed to have small pieces of ice in it that made it chunkier. It cost $7.57 for a serving, making it the most expensive out of all the places. The establishment was immaculate, but the service was poor. The woman at the cash register was not friendly. Overall, I rate it two out of five stars because of  the substandard service and outrageous price of the  dissatisfactory frozen yogurt.

The last place I went to was Menchie’s. When I walked in, it was pristine, but the cashier was on the phone. The frozen yogurt did not have much sugar, though it had a prominent vanilla taste. It was costly, at $6.75. The cashier was friendly. For inferior service and reasonable frozen yogurt, I give Menchie’s a three out of five stars.

After going to four establishments, Yogurtland proved to have the best frozen yogurt with four out of five stars for satisfactory frozen yogurt and great service.