New technology can simulate a conversation with a loved one.

Technology does a lot, from cleaning houses to keeping track of belongings. Now, apps can bring loved ones back from the dead.

Luka, an app developer, has made artificial intelligence (AI) that can make it seem like someone who passed is actually texting their loved ones. According to, Eugenia Kuyd, the founder of Luka, made “Roman Mazurenko.” The app would let a person text a chatbot (the AI that simulates the conversation) while the AI would send responses that matched creator’s personality

According to, in South Korea, a technology is working on technology that will take a photo of user’s loved one and allow users to take pictures with the augmented reality. The technology is called “With Me”.  When the person is not with the user or even die, they can take pictures to share memories.  Also, the computer generated animation can say things like “I love you” to the user. However, the technology is not yet available on an app yet because it is still in the planning stages.

Another app that a Korean tech company is working on is called “FakeTalk.” The app allows users to text the chatbot anything they want to talk about, and it would reply. According to, the app let users confide in the chatbot. The AI was capable of providing advice to those who need it.

Across the world, A.I. and augmented reality are taking over and adding talking to the dead to the list of things technology can do.