Track and field members grow, improve their skills, race times, endurance


Carina Wang

With their eyes glued to the finish line, Koen Davis, seventh grader, (left) and Isaiah Horton, seventh grader, (right) try to out run their Bear Lakes opponents. In the 100 meter, Davis placed second and Horton placed third. “I enjoy track and I think it is cool to be able to compete and run with friends while getting exercise,” Davis said.

The Bak track and field season came to a close, and each member grew and improved their times.

“When running in meets, I am going all out. Stopping and giving up seems so easy, but I keep of pushing so I can feel great afterwards,” Julia McDuffee, seventh grader, said.

Athletes on the team supported and encouraged their teammates to help improve their times. McDuffee’s fastest time was 2:54 in the 800 meter and 6:07 in the 1600 meter.

“Once I hear the siren blow, I take off as fast as I can. When I am racing, I can always hear my teammates cheering my name, which is a really great feeling,” Christopher Samuel, eighth grader, said.

Samuel’s fastest time was 26.77 in the 200 meter, and 31’4 in shotput. Lauren Goepfert, coach, said she kept each athlete’s original time from tryouts and kept track every meet, in hopes every member of the team would show improvements in time.

“I try to keep them focused on what is important,” Goepfert said. “They are competing against the clock and should be focused on improving their time at every practice and every meet.”

Members such as McDuffee enjoyed track because it was a simple yet competitive sport that allowed her to test her limits.

Victoria Schrubb, seventh grader, said “It is always an accomplishment to be on a team you tried hard for. I enjoy being able to compete, beat my time, and have fun while doing it.”