Star steppers make their way to nationals


Photo courtesy of Shakendra Moorer

Bak’s Step Team performed at Palm Beach Lakes High School and got first place. Their theme was “Creepy Clowns.” Moore said, “It was like a combination of It and Bak.”

Bak’s Star Steppers will attend nationals on June 16 in Atlanta, Georgia.

“When I found out we were going to nationals, I was definitely excited. However, I knew we would have a lot to work on to perfect our routine,” Shakendra Moorer, communications teacher, said.

According to, the body is used as an instrument to create intricate rhythms and sounds through a combination of footsteps, claps and the spoken word. Different steps are combined and students learned to make compromises.

“We work together to create new
routines,” Skylar Barefoot, seventh grade vocal major, said.

The team had to prove themselves to earn a spot at nationals. The team went to multiple competitions so they could show their skills. According to, they are ranked number one is the middle school division across the country.

“We have won all the competitions we have entered. At Dillard High School, Palm Beach Lakes High School, and Miami Dade College, we got first place,” Moorer said.

To get to nationals, the team had to raise money through fundraisers. For example, this year they sold doughnuts.

“The Step Team just wants thank everyone. We want to thank the people that donated to us and the people who supported us,” Moorer said.

Dyan Barefoot, language arts teacher, said she has always been a fan of stepping. She has tried to support
the Bak team this year by going to all their competitions and helping them

“I support the team for many reasons.  I became a step fan years ago when I taught at Suncoast High school.” Dyan Barefoot said. “I really love the support and encouragement all of the team give to the younger members.  They become a family and really try to support one another in all aspects of teamwork, arts, academics and personal growth.  It is a very positive group.”

Twenty-three steppers will get to go to nationals. A total of 39 schools will be attending, from elementary to high schools.

“It is very competitive at nationals,” Moorer said. “We’re all extremely focused and we are here for one reason. We are here to win.”