Students perform at curtain calls talent show


Miles Wang

The Step Team performs a routine for the talent show. The event was held on May 11, and included other performances by the cheer team, singers, and more.

Curtain Calls, the after school program, hosted its annual talent show on May 11.

“The Curtain Calls talent show is an event for students to showcase a different talent that they have,” Shakendra Moorer, communications teacher, said.

There was a panel of three judges to evaluate the performers, and the theme was “Fun in the Jungle.” Moorer said the event was held to “give the students something different and fun to do.”

“It gave students the opportunity to step out of their shell and build confidence while performing. At the talent show, there were singers, hip hop dancer, a theater presentation, and the cheer and step team,” Moorer said.

Janise Tucker, eighth grade piano major, won first place. She sang a song she wrote, called “You’re not helping today.”

“I feel excited and relieved that I won. I was relieved because all the pressure was off of me. And I was excited to show everyone that I had talent and I was able to show that through singing,” Tucker said.

Lisa Munns, civics teacher, helped organize the event. Munns said that the occasion allowed her to “work with new students and see firsthand their amazing talents.”

“I was very excited to have the opportunity to work on the talent show,” Munns said. “Many of our students have a range of talent not just limited to their art area.”