Communications showcase displays a variety of talents in the communications department


Lyla Ibrahim

With their eyes focused on the audience, from left, Corina Connell, Kevin Liriano, Christian Maasbach, announce the radio class tribute video. The communications showcase was held on May 10 and featured a variety of different videos, speeches, and graphics.

From speeches to graphic design, documentaries to creative writing, the Communications department supplied students with many aspects to explore. All of the department’s features were displayed in the 5th Annual Bakademy Awards.

“This special event showcased the variety of talents and interests our communications students have,” Bridget Frawley, seventh grade communications major, said.

The Bakademy Awards was held on multiple days. An afterschool performance was held on May 9, and an in-school performance was held on May 10. Before the shows, students had many mixed emotions about performing for their peers.

“I have to admit,” Olivia Arnold, eighth grade communications major, said, “I was a little nervous before I performed because I was performing alone. I was also extremely excited because I was able to write my own script, and share my ideas with the whole school.”

Teachers chose students to perform in the event. Many students applied for host positions, and choice students’ work was displayed and performed.

“My students are chosen to perform in this event based on their interest level, professionalism, and seniority. I evaluated students to choose our best for the show,” Alyssa Vaknin, Creative Writing and Speech and Debate teacher, said.

Different students performed events such as Impromptu Speeches, Slam Poetry, and Topic Introductions. Other students worked behind the scenes as Stage Managers to help the show run smoothly.

“My two video projects were chosen by Ms. Moorer to be featured at the event,” Frawley said. “I also volunteered to perform a poetry piece.”

Teachers and students rehearsed and practiced. The Bakademy Awards was the final product of their toil, and many hoped for it to be a success.

“I hoped that the event would really show how much talent and passion communications majors have,” Arnold said. “Our work goes to show our skills as a student body.”