Bak student stars in new TV show


Lyla Ibrahim

McCall, left, and award winning writer, James Patterson, back center, pose for a picture with the rest of the cast of “Kid Stew.” Tim Malloy, Kid Stew producer, said, “We want kids to laugh, but we want them to learn.”

“Kid Stew”, a new TV show by James Patterson featured a student from Bak and aired on April 15 on PBS.

“This is a show for kids, but their parents will enjoy it as well,” Scott Barnett, Kid Stew
producer said.  “It is one of the few opportunities where kids and their parents may have something in common. So, the show is definitely entertaining for every kid at  any age.”

One of the stars of the show was Bak theater student, Blake McCall.

“In the show I play myself, and people know you as yourself instead of someone else,” McCall said.

Kid Stew was a variety show that taught people of all ages about different topics.

“It can be kind of silly but then suddenly quite educational. I think that is why it is a good show. We make jokes and you learn something about history, art, or other countries,” Tim Malloy, Kid Stew producer, said.

This show will teach a variety of topics ranging from art to history. It starred many famous authors, athletes, and fun skits made by kids.

Joyce Belloise, vice president of Content for South Florida PBS said. “We hope to encourage kids to express their creativity and be themselves.”