Bak beats out competition and wins new Swag Award


Ava Wherley

TV crew student Se’maj Griffin edits audio for the Swag video. Griffin, who is also a radio student, creates an original rap as music. Griffin said, “The importance is being able to showcase all the skills that we have learned and just feeling proud of yourself for being able to beat other talented kids in the county.”

Bak won a new district-wide award after competing with schools around the county to make a creative video showing who had the most “swag.”

“It is called the Swag video, and it was about why your school deserves the Swag Cup to beat out all the other middle schools,” Shannon Owens, communications teacher said.

Bak’s video was created by Se’maj Griffin and Allison Robbert, who were the producers of Bak MSOA Today at the time the video was made.

“We worked with original music, all new shots, and different ideas to try and incorporate the school in a new light,” Robbert said.

The entire TV crew worked and collaborated on the project with a limited time frame.

“I was really proud of the students for a quick turnaround time. They worked really hard, collaborating with all the other art departments to put it together,” Owens said.

In the end, Bak won for creating their own music and innovative camera shots.
“You have to be creative and go in with your goal in mind,” Griffin said. “I made my own rap. There were a lot of shots that Allison made interesting. Just be yourself.”