Beverly Smith retires after 20 years of service.


Luke Cristantiello

Beverly Smith retires after working at Bak for 20 years as a magnet secretary. Many staff members such as Pamela Jackson will miss her for all she has done. “What I will miss the most is that she is one of the most organized and loving, caring person that I know. These attributes will be deeply missed,” Jackson said.

After working at Bak MSOA for nearly two decades, Beverly Smith announced her retirement.

“I am retiring to allow more flexibility in my schedule, and to spend more time with my family,” Smith, magnet office secretary, said.

Smith has worked at Bak since the beginning. She started out as a volunteer in 1998. Then, a temporary position opened up for her because someone was ill. Smith filled the position assuming it was only for a little while. The person never came back so she filled it permanently.   “I am now a secretary here at Bak, and I fulfill any duty’s that are assigned to me,” Smith said.

Many staff members such as Lee Glaze, magnet coordinator, believe that Smith has done a lot for this school.  Her duties did not just stay within student services, she did many things ranging from bus duty, to parent communications. She has helped the students and staff in many ways. Even after she retired, she planned to occasionally volunteer with Bak events too.

“Ms. Smith has my back when I am busy, and she makes sure things get done in a proper manner. She is very reliable,” Glaze said.

Since Smith’s retirement, many staff members such as Pamela Jackson will miss her because she was “warm, and caring.”
Smith not only worked at Bak, she was also was the mayor of Palm Springs.

“My philosophy in life is to make a positive difference on people’s lives,” Smith said, “whether it be for my city, parents, students, or staff at Bak.”