Sunfest brings people together during performances


Kate Wagner

As the crowd cheers him on, Pitbull sings his signature song “Fireball”. Sunfest occurred on May 3- May 6, with over 50,000 people in attendance.

Sunfest, which had a star-studded lineup included Pitbull, Nick Jonas, Zedd, and Logic, occurred May 3 through May 6.

“Hanging with your friends, listening to great music, and especially being able to see all of the big performers in your hometown is definitely the best part of the experience at Sunfest,” Michelle Voicu, seventh grade theater major, said.

Sunfest, an annual South Florida music festival held in downtown West Palm Beach, attracted more than 175,000 visitors over the four day concert series. A local performer, Beau Eavenson, played alongside his band Nitebox on Saturday.

“Sunfest just has a great vibe to it. Everyone is there to have fun and listen to music, and it was great seeing everyone come out to show support,” Eavenson said.

With over 50 performers, Sunfest had musical guests spread across three sponsored stages which were Ford, Tire Kingdom, and Jetblue. Eavenson had performed on the Tire Kingdom stage.

“I think everyone should go to Sunfest because it is a fun experience.  The best part was seeing my brother and his band perform for thousands of people,” Ava Eavenson, sixth grade theater major, said.

While many people had attended because of the performances, there were also tables and booths set up by local businesses to attract new customers, network, and give away prizes.

“When I walked into Sunfest, I saw the three stages, food stands, art stands, and booths giving away free prizes. There were lights flashing everywhere and so many people were dancing, cheering, and having fun,” Ava Eavenson said.

The weather was warm and sunny during most of the performances, but on Sunday many people had planned for the rain, taking precaution with ponchos and umbrellas, but luckily there was no rain.

“My favorite part was being able to see all of the different crowds and different people,” Voicu said. “Everyone came together as one group of people just enjoying music.”