Jazz Band amazes audience with culmination of jazz pieces for Grand Classica cruise


Alexis Pham

Nervous and excited, Kevin Cripanuk’s Jazz Band class gets ready to perform on the Port of Palm Beach Grand Classica. After performing, the class received free tickets to go on the ship any time.

Kevin Cripanuk’s fifth and eighth period Jazz Band classes performed at the Port of Palm Beach. They also had the opportunity to go on the Grand Classica.

“It was a little bit stressful because of all the security and logistics on the Port but once we were set up it was fun playing next to these huge ships and for the VIPS,” Cripanuk said.

The Grand Classica was a new Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line ship of which the jazz band went on for a lunch after performing.

“I feel honored to be invited because it was for a very important event. Many important people were there such as the major of Palm Beach,” Jonathan Tordi, eighth grade band major, said.

They performed on April 13 and played all the songs the groups had prepared and played throughout the school year, all in front of VIPs and on live TV. It was also their first time performing at the Port of Palm Beach.

“It was a culmination of all the work we have done,” Cripanuk said.

The Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, which invited the class, made a $2500 donation to the MSOA Foundation.

“It was a great experience and it gave our school a good reputation,” Tordi said. “It was also fun and a great way to get the experience of performing for a live audience.”