The important lessons of “Honk!” help viewers waddle their way to doing the right thing


Samantha White

Grace Trainor, eighth grade theater major, sings with joy as she fills her role as Ida in the eighth grade theater performance, “Honk!” The theater performance started working on the show at the beginning of the year; working on choreography, songs, and scripts.

“Honk! The musical” showcased the talents that the eighth graders learned during their Bak years.

“I have learned a lot over the last three years and I think that we finally got to piece it all together and use what we now know to give people a great show,” Cruz Plasencia, eighth grade theater major, said.

“Honk!” was the annual eighth grade musical. It was based on the story of the Ugly Duckling and taught the lesson of embracing differences.

“The moral of the story is it is ok to be different, because the world would not be what it is without different people.” Plasencia said.

The theater department started working on the show on September 1, after the teachers contemplated a show that would fit that year’s students.

Randy Booth, musical theater teacher, said, “It took a long set of auditions to qualify people for the roles, and then we started rehearsing in January.”

The costumes were made by Erin Amico, theater teacher, and some of the costume students. They studied the characters and created costumes to fit each one and add a twist to the show.

“The story of the Ugly Duckling is about Ugly being made fun of because he is different, but in reality, we are all different. So, when I made the costumes, I made all the ducks a little bit different,” Amico said.

Plasencia played the main character Ugly, along with Ida played by Grace
Trainor, and Cat played by Kate Jeffcott. Booth said that he saw the student grow together through the show.

Plasencia said, “I have grown closer to a lot of my cast mates. It is fun to work with each of them and I am sad that we all will be separated I am going to miss them.”