New class travels to the past


Ben Shainman

Battle teaches history to eighth graders and film studies to all grades. Found outside Battle’s room were posters of certain battles and wars like the Mexican War and the War of 1812.

From wars like the Korean and Vietnam to the global scale battles of World War I and II, these are things studied in the new elective next year, War Studies.

“[I started this elective because] for years, I have had kids ask me about battles and wars like World War I and II, and Pearl Harbor. I’ve had to tell them to wait until high school,” Douglas Battle, social studies teacher, said.

The elective was primarily for eighth graders but some seventh graders were allowed to join. Sixth graders could not choose this as a class due to mature content.

“Civics interests me, a lot,” Jay Kantamneni, seventh grade communications major, said. “My favorite part of world history last year was learning about the great generals and armies and even some war stories like David vs. Goliath.”

The class will last for only one semester.

“[The things we study will be] the U.S’s involvement in war during the 20th century, World War I and II, and the Korea, Vietnam and Gulf War,” Battle said.

Things like why the Korean war started (75,000 North Korean soldiers crossed the 38th parallel) and how the U.S got involved in a war 6,000 miles away are things that this class will be exploring.

“A lot of these conflicts, students want to know about these issues like tensions with Russia or what is the deal with Cuba,” Battle said.

Other topics the class will discuss are who were the U.S. allies and enemies, what were their goals for the different wars and what the U.S. gained from these wars.

“Students will see these issues the U.S. has with other countries today and will know why we have these issues,” Battle said. “It is important that people know this.”