This Is The End proves to be a chilling emotional book with a fast paced plot


Raquel Korff

“This Is Where It Ends” pulls its readers right into the action as events follow over the course of 54 minutes. The book was published in Jan. 5, 2016.

“This Is Where It Ends” was a book about a school shooting that took place at a small town high school called Opportunity.

The book proved to be very fast paced and intense scenes were frequent, giving the reader little to no time to breath. Despite this, the book covered a real life horror scenario in an unforgettable way.

The book centered around Autumn, Tyler’s sister, Claire, Tyler’s ex, Sylvia, Autumn’s girlfriend, and Tomas, Sylvia’s brother. Although hearing from each point of view helped maintain the reader’s interest, it could often get confusing keeping up with all the different characters.

The value of time and the importance of giving help to others in times of need was emphasized in a chilling and real way. Characters learn they have to move towards the future while having to leave their loved ones in the past.

“This Is Where It Ends” is best suited for a young adult audience, as there was strong language, mature content, and frightening and violent scenes. I give “This Is Where It Ends” four out of five stars.