Intel’s Vaunt smart glasses cancelled, leaving new mission behind.


Audiences were captivated by Intel’s new Vaunt smart glasses when they were announced, but the tech company has cancelled the project. Intel put out their new tech with a different mission than most smart glasses.

According to, Intel, (Integrated Electronics Corporation), manufactured the Vaunt smart glasses with the purpose of making them look like normal glasses and be less techy. The 50-gram weighing glasses had to not only look like normal glasses, they also had to feel like them. Vaunt planned on the glasses to be worn comfortably all day.

Vaunt’s purpose was to show simple messages such as directions or notifications. Vaunt worked over Bluetooth with an Android phone or iPhone.

The smart glasses used retinal projection to put a display in the user’s eyeball. Intel did this by incorporating a low-powered laser, a VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser),  into the right stem of the glasses. The laser shined a red, monochrome image onto a holographic reflector on Vaunt’s right lens. The image would then reflect into the back of the user’s eyeball. The laser posed no risk to the their eyes.

According to, after two months of work towards the glasses, Intel cancelled their prodigious project due to costly expenses. However, smart glasses will forever be shaped by Intel’s simplistic view of technology.