New technology allows people to spend their vacation in orbit


Imagine flying into space over summer, experiencing zero-gravity
and growing food while orbiting around Earth.

In 2022, these dreams will become reality. Orion Span, a space technology start-up, is building the first-ever affordable luxury space hotel.

According to Orion Span’s chief executive officer Frank Bunger, this project is aiming to make space travel simple and affordable. A 12-day trip for six people, including two crew members, costs $9.5 million with an $80,000 deposit. Other space tourism can cost from $20 million to $40 million.

In order to go into space with Orion Span, visitors must complete three months of training in order to be certified. The training will take place in Houston, Texas. According to, Orion Span took the 24-month training time and condensed
it into three months.

Once on board, visitors can float around the hotel while experiencing zero-gravity, grow their own food, video call their loved ones by using high speed internet, and fly over their own hometown. The hotel would orbit at an altitude of 250 miles.

Orion Span is working on the station and it will be finished by 2021, but will not go into orbit until 2022. People can deposit $80,000 and begin reserving a spot on the Aurora station now.

Affordable, intergalactic adventures are only four years away thanks to Orion Span’s Aurora Space Station.