Sixth to eighth grade transfer


When students first arrived at Bak in sixth grade, their beliefs and privileges were different from their seventh and eighth grade years. Their expectations and assumptions about upcoming challenges also differed. Throughout their time at Bak, many things have changed as students transferred from sixth, seventh, and eighth grade.

“My time at Bak has been fun. I have met a lot of teachers that I like and help me get my grades up,” Kendall Hendrix, eighth grade communications major, said.

Over the years, students have received more things to do and more rules. Among some of these is their freedoms.

“In seventh grade, you have more privileges than you do in sixth grade, and you don’t have to make many new friends because you have friends from the previous year. Seventh grade is better,” Haiden Kenney, seventh grade communications major, said.

Also, some students believe they have more authority now that they have gotten older.

“I like eighth grade because you’re kind of like the boss of the school and nobody has the courage to stand up to you,” Julia Effenberger, eighth grade communications major, said.

As some of the students grew older, they realized that they had a lot more work to do as well.

“I was thinking that it would be a lot harder than it already is, I get a lot of homework, but I am working that out now,” Blake Lugosi, sixth grade theater major, said.

Students found it easier to get around the school than when they first came to Bak as well.

“When I came here in sixth grade, at first, I thought that this school was really cool. But, I was scared because I felt really lost and no one was there to help me. After a while I just found my way around,” Hendrix said.

In the end, the students at Bak found their way, made friends, and experienced many new things.

Kenny said, “I really like Bak. Not everybody gets the chance to be here.”