New year, new staff: Bak welcomes many new staff members


As the new school year approached, Bak welcomed many new teachers and administrators to the school faculty.

“I absolutely love it here at Bak! The administration is super supportive, my department has been so welcoming, and the students are stellar,” Katherine Chwalik, first year communications teacher, said.

The new faculty included teachers and administrators such as Crystal Clark, Katherine Chwalik, Hayley Campbell, Kara Foulk, Alexis Wilson, Officer Donald Silva, Nancy Jefferies, Edwin Alvarado, Arthur Mendini, Leanna Oliveira, and Timothy Regula. Each of the new staff members had various roles that came with their new job.

“My job entails a lot,” Regula, first year Bak assistant principal, said. “I work with teachers, students, and transportation. I also schedule the school field trips and coordinate school safety.”

After transitioning from their past jobs, many of the new staff members recalled what they believed was the best part of their new career.

“The best part of my job is witnessing the students being themselves and putting their gifts into action, then seeing them balance it so well with their academics. It is just as enlightening as it is inspiring,” Clark, first year Bak assistant principal, said.

However, all of the new jobs had their difficulties as well.

“Keeping up with five different classes is stressful! It is also hard to stay organized, but it is all a good kind of stress that keeps me sharp,” Chwalik said.
Bak began a fresh year with a few new additions to the faculty. The new staff covers a variety of subjects and arts. Be sure to keep an eye out for Bak’s newest additions to the staff.

“I am excited to be here and work with the staff and students,” Regula said. “I cannot wait to meet Bak’s talented kids and get to know and help them.”