Starbucks has many interesting secret drinks


Starbucks has a variety of customer created drinks. I visited Starbucks with hopes of uncovering their “Secret Menu.”
First, I ordered a Peppermint Frappuccino. The barista used a peppermint syrup and real peppermint to make it. It tasted very refreshing and had an exquisite peppermint taste. It was balanced perfectly with the ratio of whipped cream and coffee. However, it could have been a little bit sweeter, but it was still a good holiday drink. I rate the Peppermint Frappuccino four out of five stars.
The second secret menu item I tried was the hot Butterbeer Latte. The latte was very hot from the start, but was comforting, especially on a cold day. The latte had a distinct caramel taste, with a hint of toffee and hazelnut. It had a slight buttery taste to it, but overall it did not taste like Butterbeer. Because of this, I rate the Butterbeer Latte 3 out of 5 stars.
In the end, I liked the Peppermint Frappuccino better because of its refreshing sensation and holiday-infused taste.

Another secret holiday recipe Starbucks can make is the Holly Jolly Latte. In order to uncover more items off of their secret menu, create or use an existing recipe and order away.