DIY Paper Garland Spring Edition


Having to go buy a garland for an occasion can be annoying, but there could be a less expensive way to make that happen. I made a Do It Yourself (DIY) paper garland out of tissue paper, to see if it could turn out to be just like the one in the stores. The steps below are for how to create your very own paper garland:


  • ½ sheet of tissue paper (you can use any, but I used a polka-dot pattern)
  • Ribbon, cord, or string (I used string)
  • Scissors



  1. Place a piece of tissue in front of you and fold it one inch in the front. Then turn it over and fold it another inch.

Cut strips toward the fold to create fringe, which leaves one inch uncut at the fold line.

  1. Once all the strips are cut, unfold the tissue then cut in half so you have two sheets with fringe (makes two tassels).
  1. Unfold the tissue paper and begin to roll tightly down the middle of the crease. Continue rolling then fold it in half and fold in half and then twist to make a loop for hanging.
  2. Repeat for any additional tassels, make sure to use tissue paper because it is easier to fold and work with. Enjoy!