Blaze pizza sweeps the market

I visited four widely known mainstream pizza joints on the hunt to find the best pizza.

The first place that I ordered pizza from was Papa John’s. I purchased pepperoni pizza and it was hot and gooey. This slice of pizza, although small, packed a lot of flavor into its bread, sauce, and other ingredients. It proved to be the classic family night take-out item that it claims to be. However, because of its thick and heavy nature, after eating this pizza, even one slice, I felt sick and tired. Also, one slice is just over 310 calories! The price, however, was spectacular. It cost only nine dollars for a small pizza. Overall, I rate Papa John’s 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The next pizza place that I visited was Domino’s Pizza. The pizza was ready in the nick of time and fresh out of the oven. It smelled wonderful. The seasoning they put on their pizza is delectable, and frankly, if they sold it, I would just order the crust. The pizza, however, had a monotone palate. There seemed to be no distinct flavor.  The sauce and cheese were in place, but the flavor was basic. However, it flowed much nicer and I felt better after eating it as opposed to Papa John’s. The calorie count was much better, as the smallest size, the individual six-inch pie, was only 130 calories per slice. The price was not overbearing either, having cost only eight dollars for a small 10-inch pizza. I rate this pizza 4 out of 5 stars.

The third place that I visited was Costco. I strolled in and ordered, and the pizza was ready from the warmer in seconds. This pizza happened to be the least expensive. It cost just over two dollars for once slice of their pepperoni pizza, and their pizza slice was three times the size of the past two. Despite the convenience and price, this pizza did not make the cut. It was greasy and cheap in quality. The cheese was a chewy and it had no appeal. It was inadequate and I would not pick it over the others. However, it did not taste horrible. It was mediocre, nonetheless. The outrageous aspect was the nutrition. One slice of pepperoni pizza from Costco is over 620 calories! That is double Papa Johns and almost four times that of Dominos! I rate Costco’s pizza 2 out of 5 stars.

The last pizza I purchased was from Blaze Pizza. I got in line and ordered a standard pepperoni individual pizza. It took some time in their coal fire oven, but it came out soon after. I loved everything about this pizza. It was flavorful, not just in the crust, but in the sauce, cheese, seasoning, and even the pepperoni. It was a remarkable recreation of the real food in Italy, especially for Blaze Pizza. It was hot and it flowed. I ate the entire thing and felt fine. This is because of the thin crust and the non-artificial assembly process. The calorie count was low.  The whole pie, all six slices, is only 680 calories! Also, an entire one topping pizza costs only seven dollars. I rate Blaze Pizza 5 out of 5 stars!

Judging by my observations of the taste, price, time, and nutrition, I have found that Blaze Pizza is the winner of the best pizza joint to visit. I highly recommend visiting this place for a sufficient and pleasing meal.