Students can overcome homework-induced stress

Students were exposed to a plethora of stress that came from homework. Homework led to overwhelming stress, especially when students were not able to manage it properly and spend free time working.

In the opinion of the Portfolio staff, students were often overwhelmed by homework assignments, and would benefit from having all assignmen­ts completed before the weekend.

According to, 56 percent of interviewed students viewed homework as a primary source of stress. Students needed to focus on other aspects of their lives rather than being stressed about homework.

Time management could be utilized with strategies such as setting deadlines and planning out a week beforehand. Writing down all assignments and the due dates helped students complete work on time.

With work put off until the weekend, students struggled to maintain a balance. For instance, students needed to have time to relax from the school week over the weekend. But, many waited until the weekend to complete homework.

Those opposed may have said that students had an odd/even day schedule that gave two days to complete work. However, many students had other activities such as clubs, sports, and other extra curricular that prevented them from doing all their homework.

In addition, practicing time management and checking that work was completed before bed has helped solve this issue.

An overload of homework can lead to an abundance of stress. With these management skills, students have been healthier and have cultivated a well-rounded life