Course Recovery offers opportunities to improve grades


Ashwin Kishor

Bak’s Course Recovery coordinator, Michelle DeSilva, observes and helps students in Course Recovery every week. “I am in charge of all the students in it. I monitor all of the students’ progress, payroll for staff who work in the program, do attendance for the students, and more,” DeSilva said.

Course Recovery was an after-school program that helped students if they struggled in an academic class. 

   “They report, they settle in, they have snacks, and after about five to ten minutes of snack time. They unwind from their normal day, and then log into their programs,”  Artis Johnson, math teacher said.

   Course Recovery taught every academic class. It was two hours Monday through Thursday, and covered one on one basic tutoring. Students learned about organization, consistency, and a new work ethic with their school work.

   “Some students just need that extra one on one teaching opportunity, and course recovery helps with that. It is another accommodation to help students be successful,” Ashley Jones, language arts teacher said.

 In the past, the program had shown tremendous success for students, while it allowed them to remediate their failing grades.

   “I think course recovery is a great opportunity for the student to right a lot of their wrongs. A lot of times, the students that are in Course Recovery aren’t there because there’s a lack of understanding, but more so preparation, consistency, and lack of organization,” Johnson said.

   From learning to socializing, many beneficial factors contributed to the program itself.

   “I get to build relationships with the students not usually in my classroom during the school day, and I get the opportunity to make more friends and socialize more with students here at Bak,” Jones said.

   When taking Course Recovery, students had to take a pre-test before each chapter to see what level of understanding they were on. If they got a 70 percent or higher, they moved on to the next unit. If not, they worked through that unit, and took the same test after they finished the unit. By the time they finished their course, the grade they ended with in Course Recovery replaced the failing grade.

  Michelle DeSilva, social studies teacher said, “It is extremely beneficial for students because not only does it reestablish their grade point average, but it boosts their confidence, because they know the concepts now.”