Shoppers face holiday gift shortage


Izzy Huntley

As the holiday season approaches, shoppers scramble to find gifts. “I think it’s time to find what’s important to your family and celebrate that,” Owens said.

Due to the COVID-19-induced restrictions, the United States was experiencing a gift shortage close to the holiday season.
Because of the complications created by the pandemic, packages were taking longer than normal to ship. Even though same-day delivery had helped many customers receive their orders in a timely manner, there were many that did not receive their purchases until over a month after they were bought.
“We as a company are only picking up so much volume at a time,” Parker Hanson, a UPS worker, said. “All shippers are asking everyone to order early and allow more time for transit.”
Additionally, large companies like Amazon and UPS were heavily understaffed. According to CNBC, container ships around the Los Angeles area experienced a worker shortage. As a result, packages were unable to be unloaded from the vessel.
“We are so short-handed that UPS is reducing the amount of packages that retailers can ship one at a time,” Hanson said.
However, a solution to not only the shortage but to the US’s economic problems presented itself. This alternative replaced trinkets with experiences. Instead of spending money on gifts that would not be used after the holidays, families could invest their money in once in a lifetime trips and adventures for the whole group.
“Instead of chasing gifts, and racing around to find them, an alternative might be to find a way to celebrate time together, go to different destinations, or even a staycation, where you celebrate what you have around you,” Shannon Owens, communications teacher, said.
Despite the setbacks and tribulations created by COVID-19, buyers started to adapt to the changes in their everyday lifestyle.
Owens said, “I think we’ve changed, and there’s no going back to the way that businesses did business. So I see companies moving forward with the way that products are delivered and business is done with customers.”