Whistleblowers accuse Facebook of wrongdoing


Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen testifies during a Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation hearing entitled “Protecting Kids Online: Testimony from a Facebook Whistleblower” on Capitol Hill Oct 5, 2021, in Washington, D.C. (Drew Angerer/Pool/ABACAPRESS.COM/TNS)

Tech company Facebook was accused of using hate speech, misinformation, and other threats to the public to make profit by two former employees, Sophie Zhang and Frances Haugen.

“Facebook, over and over again, has shown it chooses profit over safety,” Haugen said in an interview with “60 Minutes”.

Haugen testified before Congress on Oct. 5, stating that Facebook had broken the law by holding information about risks presented by using Facebook.

Haugen leaked a Facebook study showing that 17 percent of teen girls said that their eating disorders worsened after using Instagram, a segment of Facebook.

The other whistleblower, Zhang, testified before the United Kingdom Parliament on Oct. 18. She said that Facebook ignored or was too slow to act on fake accounts which helped boost political elections.

“It’s a company whose official goal is to make money. [it’s] more focused on protecting itself,” Zhang said in her testimony to the United Kingdom Parliament.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone responded to this testimony with an official statement. Stone said, “Since so much of what has been reported about Facebook is wrong, we think it’s important to provide our employees with the facts.”