FLVS expands students horizons


Gabby Cohen

Florida Virtual School (FLVS), helps to improve students education. “[ I like] the freedom of it, and the fact that you don’t have to be with a teacher. You could do the math yourself which makes it more independent,” Milo Stamp, eighth grade communications major said.

Florida Virtual School, (FLVS) was a program that allowed students to attend courses not offered at Bak and advanced students’ academic performance at their own pace.

“My favorite part of FLVS is the freedom of it. The fact that you didn’t have to be with a teacher, and you could do the subject yourself,” Milo Stamp, eighth grade communications major, said.

One of the beneficial aspects included in FLVS was the independence of the program, and being able to take part in classes at their own speed.

“In FLVS, you have to do at least three lessons per week, but it also goes by the student themself,” Daniel Aloni, eighth grade band major, said.

Classes in FLVS during a normal academic school day provided students with the opportunity to have the freedom to enroll in any classes they would like, ranging from Algebra II to Spanish III.

“I think it goes back to providing students the opportunity to take advanced level classes frequently during the school year,” Micah Kossove, media specialist said.

Some students who attended classes in FLVS have had different viewpoints of the program itself. For some, it was the independence of the program and for others, it was the communication with other instructors. Rohan Gandhi, eighth grade communications major said,

“My favorite aspect of FLVS is the discussion-based assessments with your teacher.”