Girl takes upon difficult, skillful basketball position

The whistle blows, number seven passes the soccer ball back to number 37, her mind racing, trying to find the right decision. Number 37 plays the ball forward to number 19, who then shoots. She scores! A beaming smile spreads on number 37’s face, with happiness and excitement rushing through her. The crowd cheers all because of one intelligent decision made by number 37.

Ellyson Godhino, number 37, better known as “Sunny” on the field, is a 12-year-old soccer player, who plays for Jupiter United Soccer Club. Godhino is one of two midfielders on her team. A position that requires versatility and composure.

“My favorite part about being a midfielder is that I get to both defend and attack,” Godhino said.

Godhino is a role model to fellow team-mate, Sydney Katz, who described Godhino as courageous, fearless, generous, and cooperative.

“Sunny never gives up no matter how big or small the opposite player is, she will always beat them to the ball,” Katz said.

Professional soccer player Carli Lloyd, a midfielder for the U.S Women’s National Soccer Team, serves as a role model to Godhino.

“Carli Lloyd has won two Olympic gold medals. She inspires me to keep trying and never give up,” Godhino said.

Being able to work together as a team can open up new doors which can lead to victories. Godhino and her team have perfected this skill and have had successful outcomes in games and tournaments. At various times, her team found themselves in the top ten in Florida.

“I love being able to work together with my team to make great plays,” Godhino said.

Not all players are born talented, many have to work hard to get better. This is something that Godhino did. She practiced on her own time by getting touches in and shooting. Over time, she improved and lead her team to victories.

“When [Ellyson] first joined the team, she was a little behind the rest of the girls in terms of ability level, but in the space of three years she has built up her skills,” Neil Mckay, head coach, and director of Jupiter United Soccer Club said, “to become a guaranteed starter and the engine room of the team.”