Books provide multiple benefits for students

Imagine someone’s footsteps echo in a hallway, and they let out a long sigh. Imagine them then sitting down in a comfortable environment, and opening a door. But not just any door– a book.

“Books provide a portal to somewhere that provides comfort, especially fantasy, because it shows me an alternate reality I can take refuge in,” said Jade Souza, student and book lover at Bak.

Books can be many things to a person, an “escape,” a comfort source, a learning experience, and a lot more. Many people know that one can learn a lot from books, in many different ways, and Jennifer Gardner knows exactly how and why.

“I wouldn’t say it necessarily makes you smarter, but it definitely makes you more educated,” said Jennifer Gardner, sixth grade English language arts teacher at Bak. “Reading increases your vocabulary. It helps you build background knowledge about a variety of subjects, and it can help you challenge your own ideas and values.”

According to, books can improve one’s imagination, allowing their mind to expand, creating new surroundings and characters. Books provide the words, and their brain absorbs them, translating them into the language of the brain.

“To read a classic novel, it takes a bit of focus, and you have to really think about lots, like what the moral behind the book is. Because they’re usually written so well, that it’s not ‘just a book,’ it’s a book,” said Jeanne Taylor, children’s librarian at the WPB Mandel Public Library.

In addition to positively affecting people’s minds, reading also regularly makes people much happier. Optimism and freedom are sensations that books can make one very clearly relate to, by giving them wondrous things to think about than stressful situations the school or work day gives them.

“Books have generally improved my emotions over time, giving me a portal to an optimistic universe! They’ve helped me make new friends, and gave me an escape from life,” said Souza.

While books can help one by distracting them from life, they can additionally tranquilize an over-stimulated mind, and greatly help them work easier, prioritize, and remember not to procrastinate on things that need to be done.

“Reading has offered me [the type] of distraction that makes a sense of calm,” said Souza, “helping me focus more.”

And it’s not just said to be mood-improving (which many people do say it is), proves it; while and after reading, demonstrated by science, blood pressure is lowered, along with heart rate and emotional anxiety. And books can really take one along an inspirational emotional journey.

“When I read, the characters become real to me. I celebrate with them, I cry with them, and I miss them when I turn that final page. Characters in a book can help you see a side of yourself, and help you understand who you are,” said Gardner. “Life is just one big hero’s journey.”

Books can be beneficial to someone in many ways, and beneficial to the future. It may seem unlikely, but reading can also change what comes next in someone’s life for one easily, like emotionally what type of person they’ll grow up as; and even what job they might partake in.

“I think reading is the most important life skill,” said Gardner. “Without it, you can’t perform most jobs; you can’t succeed in other subject areas, and you are missing so many opportunities to escape your own reality.”