Full pep rallies returns after two years


Mabruk Alam

Watching the pep rally, seventh graders cheer on their peers participating in games. “Watching the games from the bleachers was definitely different from actually playing,” Benoit said. This pep rally was the first time in two years where every student was allowed in the gym.

After two years of waiting, Bak finally hosted their Winter Pep Rally, and eighth grade took away an exciting win.
“It was exciting, thrilling, and enthralling,” Sreethan Enjem, eighth grade communications major said.
For most seventh and eighth graders, it was enjoyable to participate in a pep rally.
“The pep rally was exciting because we were in virtual school for so long,” Leyla Benoit, seventh grade communications major said.
Benoit, who participated in the “Build a Snowman” game also said, “Being in the game was unique, but I felt nervous, and it was tiring.”
Other students, who did not get picked for games, were content with staying in the crowd.
“I was happy I didn’t get chosen for the basketball shootout. The hoops were so tall,” Tayisha Jean Baptiste, sixth grade theater major said.
During the pep rally, students were not the only ones participating in games.
“Mr. Battle did really well during the basketball shootout, because he’s the basketball coach,” Arsalan Siddiqui, seventh grade band major said.
One of the major things was after two years, the school was finally able to host the rally with everyone in the gym.
“The atmosphere was contagious. When people were clapping, I felt that I had to clap too,” Benoit said.
The Step Team also performed a presentation, which was met with applause.
“The Step Team was amazing. They really killed it,” Baptiste said.
The two sports teams, boys’ soccer and girls’ volleyball were also presented during the rally.
“I was happy when that happened, since I knew most of the sixth graders on the team,” Baptiste said.
One of the traditions of the pep rally was the dance off.
“The dance off is always my favorite when I have the staff versus the students,” Shakendra Moorer, communications teacher said. “This year we did the jerk, and I always enjoy calling out the students and the staff, not only to embarrass themselves but to show that fun side of them.”
Moorer had helped plan the pep rally for nine years and had fun doing it.
“It’s always an awesome feeling,” Moorer said, “seeing the smiles of kids’ faces during the rally.”