Girls’ soccer team begins competitive games again


Nicole Vasallo

Defending her goal, seventh grade midfielder Genevieve Cox pressures the player on the other team. “I think the season will be good. We do scrimmages in practices, and we will practice things we need to improve on to be prepared for games,” Cox said.

The girls soccer team expected a good outcome for the upcoming season. After missing out on the SY21 season, they were excited to be playing soccer again.
“We’ve got a great group of girls this season from all different backgrounds, ages, and grades,” Coach William Pinto said. “It’s been about 20 months since the girls have been out on the field since the COVID-19 epidemic. I think it’s nice to get everyone back out here again.”
All of the players were entirely new to the Bak soccer team. They were nervous but still believed in their abilities.
“I hope we do good [in our upcoming games], but I’m a little nervous because I’ve never played at a middle school level. But, I think I’ll do good. I just have to play my hardest,” Genevieve Cox, seventh grade midfielder said.
Although the girls did not know everyone prior to the season, they adjusted.
“They’re still learning each other, but there doesn’t seem to be any division on the team. They’re good at working as a team and following directions,” Coach Pinto said.
In past years, the team’s hardest games had been against Duncan, Jupiter, and Independence Middle Schools. Similarly, this year the girls thought there would be some rivalry.
“Duncan [will be a hard team] because they have a lot of travel leagues around that area, so they might have more skill,” Kaibella Edema, seventh grade goalie and midfielder said.
They prepared for upcoming games with drills and practice games, called scrimmages.
“I know our coaches will try to hone our specific skills [at practices] and have more scrimmages to find out what we need to improve on,” Ashlyn Martin, seventh-grade defender and team captain said.
Many players believed their captains Jasmine Plummer and Ashlyn Martin were a big part of the team’s success.
“They are the leaders of the whole team. For instance, in a scrimmage the team captains tell the players who to mark and press. They are good communicators,” Bianca Petrelli, seventh grade defender said.
The players hoped for a season where they grew as players and had fun along the way.
Jasmine Plummer, eighth grade midfielder and the co-captain, said, “I’m always nervous for a game, but I am really excited for the season. I don’t have any doubts with this team, and I really do think we’re strong.”