PAPER online tutoring assists students


Ashwin Kishor

PAPER’s accessible website was available for all students. Tutors were contactable if someone needed help. “It will help students who are struggling,” Mia Bouyea, seventh grade communications major, said.

Many students knew the stress of struggling with their homework when there was nobody to ask for help; with the online tutoring tool, PAPER, students no longer had to face this.
“For me, PAPER is beneficial because it’s quick and easy to access and the tutors are extremely qualified. They can help you without giving you the answers, which is nice because you can better understand the concepts,” Mia Bouyea, seventh grade communications major, said.
PAPER helped students better understand the material being taught in their classes when they were struggling.
“I think that ‘helping with understanding’ is actually a really good phrase to describe what we do as tutors at PAPER,” Dylan W, tutor on PAPER, said.
PAPER encouraged students to work harder in school, as it helped them grasp a better understanding of concepts.
“It’s helped me when I don’t understand the topics that we’re learning in class,” Mackenzie Sheehan, seventh grade dance major, said. “It reassures me that I can do it.”