Ask Astra

Hello Astra,

I have a friend who is always showing off all the time and makes me feel bad because she’s great at everything.  I know she’s not a fake friend, but how do I tell her that she makes me feel useless?  I still want to be friends with her though!  Thanks for your help.


Hi Charli,

Sometimes when friends are being inconsiderate, they don’t even realize it!  This may be the case in your situation.  The next time your friend makes you feel uncomfortable, tell her how you feel.  Also, think about why you are comparing yourself in the first place.  This can be very harmful to your mental health.  Try to be happy about your own accomplishments instead of comparing yourself to other people.      Be sure to remember that you are smart and talented just the way you are!



Dear Astra,

There is a rumor about me that isn’t bad but is kind of annoying.  Is there a way to make it stop?



Dear A.G,

I’m sorry this is happening!  It can be very stressful to have a rumor being spread about you. Whenever you overhear someone talking about this rumor, tell them how it annoys you, and that you want it to stop.This will make others see that it is not important and it will calm down soon.   Good luck!

Kind regards,



Hi Astra,

Now that I’ve gotten through a whole semester of middle school, diagnostics and other important exams are coming up. What are some good study habits that everyone else and I can use to get great grades on tests?




Hello Chanelle,

Set 20 minutes aside every day, at a specific time, to study each subject. Keep that schedule as much as possible to stay focused and productive.  In each session, take notes or read through lessons in one particular subject. For example, one session for math, and another for writing.  One fun way to improve comprehension skills is to read. Pick a book, and actively try to finish it. Once you’re done, pick another. This helps me. At the moment, I’m reading 1984. Also, remember to take breaks.  Non-stop working on schoolwork will burn you out.  Have a period of relaxation every day to do what you want to do.

Hope this helps!