Students set goals in new ways

“Goals, just like many other tools, are one of the compasses that students can use to confidently take that next step in life, no matter the circumstance,” Victoria Leigh Julien, an inspiring career development director said.

Yet, as students proceeded through school, the less knowledge they have gained on setting healthy goals. Goal-setting was a skill that all aspiring people should learn, regardless if it was academic or not. For students, it was absolutely crucial.

The way a student set goals was important to their progress and growth towards their desired achievement. A Harvard Business study revealed statistics. The study went on to find that the 14 percent who had goals are 10 times more successful than those without goals. The three percent with written goals are three times more successful than the 14 percent with unwritten goals, according to

Just by having them was a great way to start, but students should have additionally marked their progress by setting progress steps. Progress steps were a way to keep goals consistently realistic, as well as to make sure that the person making the goal is on top of tasks necessary to achieving that goal. To do this, someone could have written a to-do list of baby steps they can do in a day’s time or week’s time.

Writing your goals down proves to be beneficial in order to maintain an organized mindset, especially if someone has multiple goals they would like to achieve at once. It also helps your brain coordinate which ones are which,

According to, “Bad ‘side effects’ produced by goal-setting programs include a rise in unethical behavior, and an over-focus on one area.” However, I disagree with this oppositional perspective due to the fact that there is professional statistics to support my views. As long as someone is to keep a balance of thought, and a sense of realism throughout the process of goal making, over-focusing on one should be limited.

Overall, the benefits of setting goals dominated the lazy aspect of the mind. Students should actively set more goals for the betterment of their future and their dreams.