Constance Drosakis wins award before retiring

Music teacher Constance Drosakis will retire at the end of the year. She was sent off with the Secondary Music Educator of the Year Award.

Drosakis taught for 36 years, 22 years being at Bak. The award she received meant she was elected as one of the best music teachers in the entire state.

“I’m really happy that she earned an award like that in her last year of teaching. I think it really shows how great of a teacher she is,” Erycka Duverger, seventh grade vocal major said.

Drosakis was also a cofounder and conductor of the Young Singers of the Palm Beaches. She worked alongside her partner, Jorge Valls, vocal teacher, and together they ran the Bak vocal department.

“I am really sad that she is retiring because I truly enjoy working with her. She has taught me so many things, and it will be weird to not see her as much. I am happy for her and this new chapter of her life, but I am upset she won’t be around,” Jorge Valls, vocal teacher said.

Drosakis was a result of Palm Beach County Schools. She received her inspiration for beginning choral singing while watching a performance at Forest Hill High School.

“My decision to become a music teacher came after participating in All-State[choir] when I was a kid,” Drosakis said.

Since then, she had embraced her love for music and teaching. She tried to push her students to achieve their highest potential.

“It’s impossible to name just one of her best qualities. She’s hardworking, dedicated, and intelligent. She is hard on us sometimes, but it forces us to become secure in our music and sound better vocally in general. She has taught me to always put the most amount of effort possible into everything and try to be the best I can be,” Gabriela Roache, seventh grade vocal major said.

Drosakis was passionate about teaching music and enjoyed helping her students thrive.

“She has taught me so much about being a vocalist whether it is about breath control or solfege. She has really helped me come a long way and I can see the difference in my skills looking back to my first day,” Meredith Abel, seventh grade violin major said.

After teaching for three decades, she decided it was time to retire.

Drosakis said, “I will probably spend most of my retirement enjoying time with family and spending lots of time in my favorite place, Tallahassee.”