Boys’ basketball team bounces into upcoming season


Gabby Cohen

Practicing free-throws, Mason Hart (7), Andrew Hopta (8), Yurem Munez-Martinez (8), and Jayden Bai (6), work on their weaknesses. “I want the team to improve after each game,” Coach Battle said.

As the official boys’ basketball season began, the team had already formed predictions and opinions about the upcoming games. From winning to hopeful suggestions, they had a plan for each individual opponent.
“I’d like us to accomplish winning the championships, it is near reach because we have talented players,” Carl John Gibbons II, team member said.
The schedule was yet to be announced. The team was nervous, but they were anticipating seeing the other teams’ post-pandemic.
“There are things that are out of anyone’s control, so the cancellation of last season was just part of the larger picture of a world ravaged by a pandemic,” Coach Douglas Battle said.
Various players on the team had multiple different foreshadowing thoughts on the upcoming season.
Akshay Singh, team member said, “I feel confident, yet a bit nervous. We have a good team and I think we’ll do well, if we all work together and communicate with each other.”