Girls’ basketball players have high hopes for games


Gabby Cohen

Participating in a drill, Samantha Ellis (8), Mackenzie Charles (7), and Raina Caballero (7), face off against players. “Each players skills help us improve,” Charles said.

The girls’ basketball team started tryouts on Jan. 18, and the players started practice the next Monday. While all the girls were on different skill levels of the sport, Coach Christine Gilbert made her plans before the season began.
“I always stick to fundamentals and basics, no matter what level you play, they are key for each individual player,” Gilbert said.
Since the pandemic canceled the prior season, the team was anticipating new players, and some athletes were new to the aspect of middle school sports.
“I think we’re going to have a really great season. There’s a lot of new people, and it has been nice to create new bonds. There’s a lot of fresh legs on the team, and that we have a good chance of winning a lot of consecutive games,” Summer Irwin, team member, said.
While most of them felt concerned about the start of the season, the teamwork and bonds they shared for their continuous love of basketball helped pushed them to their limits.
Mackenzie Charles, team member, said, “I’m nervous for the season, but I know our specific skills between each player will help us work with each other and improve.”