Apple Airtag releases to encourage safety


Ben Seelig

Customers can choose a selection of accessories with the Apple Airtag to attach to items people lose. They also had the option to customize their Airtag for free with an engraving of text or emoji.

The Apple Airtag came out in April 30, 2021 with the goal to keep track of loved ones and belongings.
The device is reminiscent of Life360’s Tile. However, there were advantages and disadvantages for both. The most impressive feature of the Airtag was its distance finding. Unlike the Tile, which required nearby Tiles to alert the owner if it is found, the Apple Airtag on Lost mode would notify nearby iPhones so they could call the owner.
The Apple Airtag functioned differently when it was in close proximity to an iPhone with the Find My app. When it was about 35 feet from the Airtag, Precision mode would take over. Once Precision mode was enabled, there would be an arrow that would guide users to the tag.
One fear shared amongst customers was that the Airtag would be able to track users. In reality, the Airtag would alert users if it detected another Airtag that’s been following them for a while, and later play a sound so they could find it. This would only trigger if the Airtag following someone was separated from its owner, so they would not get alerted on a crowded bus.
The last major update for the Airtag was on Sept. 9 to fix bugs and other errors. Next, Apple released more accessories to safely carry the device.