Students make goals for new year

Cassandra Glomann


From exercising to getting good grades, some students started off the year with a resolution to ensure that they would accomplish their goals.

“My New Year’s resolutions are to be a good person, to focus on school because it’s going to impact me in the future, and to get enough exercise,” Lian Dussie, seventh grade communications major, said.

For some students, New Year’s resolutions were an old tradition, but for others, it was an opportunity to try something new.

“I try to make resolutions every year, but sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with them. So, I just have a goal for the new year so I have somewhere to start and I’m not just going into the new year with no plans,” Ariella Schiller, seventh grade dance major, said.

Accomplishing a resolution may have been difficult for some students, but they had strategies to help achieve their goals.

“I would have a little planner or tracker to make sure I get my resolutions done,” Whitney Seneval, sixth grade vocal major, said.

Some people believed that creating a resolution could help shape the person that they would become.

“I think having a New Year’s resolution is important, so you can better yourself every year. It can be anytime you want because making yourself a better person to you, is all that matters in life,” Dussie said.

It was the inspirational people in students’ lives that motivated them to make a New Year’s resolution.

“My teachers and my parents have inspired me to make my resolution because they have come so far and doing what they do works,” Schiller said.

In the process of trying to achieve their resolutions and goals for the year, some experienced obstacles.

“Stress really struck me when trying to accomplish my resolutions in the past because sometimes I would have a lot of homework,” Seneval said.

Having a resolution could also help people experience new things and try activities that they had never done before.

“It’s goal-setting and when you have something that you want to achieve then you can do it,” Schiller said.

New Year resolutions allowed people to experiment with things they liked and discover what they truly enjoyed.

“When making New Year resolutions,” Dussie said. “You’re able to better yourself, better the people around you, help yourself become the best you that you can be.”