Spring break allows students to adjourn from school work


Cassandra Glomann

A total of 106 students and staff were surveyed for this poll. Graphic by Cassie Glomann and Mabruk Alam

Each year, many students looked forward to the relaxation and short, but rejuvenating pause from school that spring break provided.

“Spring break gives me a week to catch up on all my classes, and also relax and enjoy myself,” Christian Nemes, sixth grade communications major said.

While some students traveled during spring break, others stayed home and took precautions due to COVID-19.

“I’m going to be super cautious, but I’m still able to go to my sports academy over spring break,” Jaylah Diaz, sixth grade dance major said.

Most kids used this time to relieve their stress.

“I feel like everyone needs that time to themselves, to not worry about their next test or next grade,” London Franklin, seventh grade visual art major said.

Some students found that spring break happened during a convenient time.

“I think [the time when spring break falls is] good because it’s right at the end of the third quarter, so it’s a break right before we go into the fourth quarter,” Nemes said.

Some believed that spring break was essential, while others may have thought that it was not necessary.

“I feel like everyone needs that time to themselves,” Franklin said.

Other people thought that spring break should have been longer because of the workload students receive.

“I feel like spring break should be longer, we do a lot of work throughout the year, and we spend a lot of time in school, so I think we deserve more,” Franklin said.

For some, spring break may have been disappointing because of the time lost at school.

“A con of spring break is you’re losing two weeks of school,” Diaz said.

Spring break may have caused some students to withdraw from their school mentality.

“Spring break [can cause you to] get out of the school mindset and you’re less prone to do work. When you get back, it’s after a week of not doing any schoolwork, and it’s hard to get back into your regular routine,” Nemes said.

Most kids thought that spring break was a useful time to catch up on work, hang out with friends, or relax, while others believed that it would hurt the school schedule that many were accustomed to.

“I enjoy spring break because normally I’m traveling with my family or hanging out with my friends,” Franklin said. “It’s a nice break from school.”