Boys basketball team pushes through season

The boys basketball team started off their season with a home game loss against Duncan on Feb 17.

“After our first game [against Duncan], it was clear that we didn’t rebound the ball very well, so we just did drills about rebounding, and we have definitely improved in that area,” Douglas Battle, coach of the basketball team said.

After the first loss, the team won against Conservatory, but suffered a loss against Independence Middle School in an away game.  Battle had been working hard to improve players’ skills.

“He [Coach Battle] has helped me by working on my skills,” Yurem Menoz-Martinez, eighth grade center said.

The team suffered another loss against Jupiter, gained a win against Conniston, but lost against Duncan in an away game.

“I tend to miss a lot under fast breaks, so that is a main focus of practice,” Sunny Scholl, seventh grade forward said.

The team won a home game against The Conservatory School on March 8, and just barely lost in a nail biting game against Independence Middle School on March 10.

Battle said, “We look at how we played in a game, we look at what we have to improve on and that’s what we focus on when we have the next practice.”