MPA evaluates students, helps them improve


Chorale choir, which consists of seventh and eighth grade vocal majors, receives a superior rating at their MPA. “I’m so happy that we got superior and I think that we really deserve it because we worked so hard for months to prepare,” Sofia Trujillo, eighth grade vocal major said. Photo courtesy of Beau McDowell

Music Performance Assessment (MPA), was a major assessment event for secondary music programs in which a musical performance was evaluated on specified criteria.

Middle and high school students participated in the annually held assessments. Every director and student that participated in the event hoped for a superior, the highest rating. If received, the participants were considered among the best of the best.

“Getting a Superior rating at MPA contributes to the legacy of your school. I feel like my students are well prepared and will receive a Superior for sure, but they still need to try their best,” Ransom Miller, band artist in residence said.

Even superior rated bands and choruses would receive comments and suggestions from the judges.

“I am excited to hear what the judges have to say. I think we did a great job but there is always something to improve,” Meredith Abel, seventh grade violin major said.

Considering that judges viewed a plethora of performances a day, it took about two days to receive feedback and ratings.

Summer Irwin, eighth grade band major said, “The anticipation was killing me. We were held to such a high standard and it was a little nerve racking, but we ended up doing well and it is great to leave my last Bak MPA on a good note.”