Volleyball class teaches students a new sport


The last day of class, the teams participate in a tournament, which crowns a champion group. In the end, team five won first place, and team four followed in second. “Even though we didn’t win first place it was still really fun to compete and play with my friends,” Sarah Cohen, member of team four said. Photo by Mikayla Lipson

Students stood in their positions, ready to receive the spike. The hitter jumped in the air to spike the ball. The opposing team waited in anticipation, they knew that she was the best hitter in the class.

Coach George Ryan ran the volleyball elective class for 14 years. The class was for seventh and eighth grade students of any major regardless of experience. In the class, students learned volleyball basics and techniques while they competed against their peers.

“I like seeing the progress players make, especially the ones who are new to volleyball. Many don’t realize how far they have come in a few months but it is truly impressive,” Coach Ryan said.

There were six teams with seven or eight students per team. The teams began class by warming up, doing passing drills, and serving. Then, they played two to three matches against other teams during class.

Gavin Murray, eighth grade communications major said, “I didn’t choose this class as an elective, I was just put in it by mistake, but I’m really glad that I got the class because I made so many new friends and got to try out a new sport.”