My Words, Your Feelings helps students understand power of words


Cassie Glomann

Posters promoting “My Words, Your Feelings” line the hallways to help students recognize the campaign’s importance. “I do believe as we continue to promote it, we will continue to see advancement. We must continue to work,” Pamela Jackson, school counselor said.

My Words, Your Feelings was a program created by communications teacher, Shakendra Moorer and was introduced to discourage bullying, as well as promote the importance of understanding the power of words.

“The goal of it is to help students understand the power of their words and how they can use their words to be more uplifting and encouraging to their peers, versus demeaning and degrading them,” Moorer said.

When she created My Words, Your Feelings, Moorer wanted to focus on making all students feel safe on the school campus.

“I wanted to establish a positive culture here on campus and make sure that students feel comfortable, safe, and included when they’re here at Bak Middle School,” Moorer said.

My Words, Your Feelings was intended to decrease disrespectful language and behavior on school grounds. Before the program was introduced, many behavior violations included bullying and inconsiderate actions.

“One of the reasons why we started it was because we were reviewing the report from the discipline referrals and we saw that many of the reports indicated that many of the students were getting in trouble for disrespectful language,” Moorer said.

My Words, Your Feelings was created to symbolize that bullying is not tolerated and that everyone’s emotions matter.

“I believe My Words, Your Feelings is an excellent initiative and a powerful

tool. It promotes Character Development and Social Emotional Learning.  It speaks volumes when it comes to the power of expression,” Pamela Jackson, school counselor, said.

   Many people hope the program will become more popular and create a big difference at school.

“As the program advances, I’m sure it will show to be a blossoming new light here at Bak,” Lyra Radashkevich, seventh grade communications major said.

   Some students and staff believe that the My Words, Your Feelings project should include more than just Bak.

“I believe the more people we have on board to promote this initiative, the more impact this will have on not only our school, but schools throughout the district and even beyond,” Jackson said.

Moorer had many plans on how to promote My Words, Your Feelings to the school.

“I do know that Mrs. Moorer is planning a lot of fun and uplifting activities to go along with it,” Radashkevich said.

Some think that with a lot of effort My Words, Your Feelings can be a better success.

“I believe we’re off to a fantastic start,” Jackson said. “As we all take hold of the importance and implementation of this initiative, we will experience a greater level of success.”