Carly Cantor performs in communications while competing in singing competitions



For Cantor, singing and communications allows her to use her creativity. “It’s taught me so many lessons and ways to solve problems,” Cantor said.

Communications was about expressing one’s self through speaking and writing, but seventh grade communications major, Carly Cantor used her voice differently to do both, communication arts and singing.

“I like being able to switch [between communications and singing] just because I feel more accomplished, and I do like the options to be able to switch. If I get tired of one of them, then I can always have the ability to do something else and still be productive,” Carly Cantor, seventh grade communications major, said.

In the beginning, being both a communications major and pursuing singing outside of school may have been challenging, but to Cantor, it was worth it.

“When I first looked at communications, I wasn’t that interested in doing both because before the open house I was very musical theater oriented. But once I saw people doing speeches and communications presentations, I was inspired to go into communications as my first choice,” Cantor said.

Having the ability to expand both her skills was something Cantor’s friends were supportive of.

“I feel like it’s cool that she gets to broaden what she does and she doesn’t just focus on communications. It balances really well,” Sarah Horan, seventh grade communications major, said.

For Cantor, being able to cultivate her talents in her vocal career, and being able to pursue her passion in communications, was what she enjoyed most.

“The progress Carly has made in singing is incredible from the first time I heard her sing, to now it is a complete difference and she sounds so much better. She has grown so much in both, singing and communications,” Lyla Chaubal, seventh grade theater major said.

Cantor was grateful for her supportive family and loved being able to pursue her dreams.

“My family has always encouraged me to do anything I wanted and I’m very grateful,” Cantor said. “My mom, since she was a singer, said never to lose my singing talents. My family has always been so supportive and they love whatever I do or put out there and I’m really grateful for that.”