Introducing tennis club brings benefits


Kya Small-Brush

Creating a tennis club offers more athletic opportunities for students and puts the schools’ tennis courts to use.

The Bak campus had tennis courts, but no tennis club.
With a tennis club in place, I believe there could have been a new choice for students, it would have helped them learn important life lessons and kept them healthy which adds onto why Bak should have one.
To begin with, as much as schools pushed the concept of staying healthy, they should add more alternatives.
Emotional characteristics such as attitude, attention, and concentration are superior among children who play school sports, according to
In addition, a tennis club could improve kids’ psychological abilities, for example, responsibility.
Playing sports taught life lessons like discipline, self-confidence, accountability and teamwork. They learned about leadership, perseverance, friendship, sacrifice and dedication, according to
To elaborate, student athletes received mental health benefits. According to, this had gone hand-in-hand with being more likely to volunteer, vote and more.
Consequently, a tennis club that met regularly could be critically important for the health of anyone. According to, regular physical activity helped adolescents by improving cardiorespiratory fitness. It also lessened the risk of developing health conditions.
Others may say that there were already plenty of sports options for students. However, the more alternatives the better. While other sports required a tryout, a tennis club would allow any student to join and get the benefits.
A tennis club provided a new option for students, helped them learn important life lessons and kept them healthy. One way to put this idea into motion would be by working with the P.E. teachers to start a club or by asking a teacher to sponsor the club. Another method would be by presenting the idea to the student government next school year.