Students need access to lockers at school

Binder? Check. Vocabulary book? Check. Planner? Check. Math notebook? Check. Other very heavy school supplies that are needed for school? Check. Now I have to carry all this heavy stuff to all my classes. All day. A simple solution to this would be lockers but sadly, we are not allowed to use them here at Bak because of the Covid-19 pandemic but now that Covid is slowly ending, we should be allowed to use them now.

I believe that lockers should be available to students because then students do not have to carry a heavy backpack everywhere. According to, heavy backpacks strain children’s spines and can lead to back pain. Back pain and back deformities are very common in children that are as young as ten years old. According to, more than 100,000 kids in the U.S. have scoliosis, which is worsened by heavy backpacks because of the weight. Schools do regular checks in middle school to see if students have any back deformities. This does help prevent it from worsening and makes the children’s parents informed on their child’s health but even sometimes it’s not severe enough in order to get a brace. Even if the students have scoliosis, schools do not let them use lockers so students still have to carry a heavy backpack to all their classes. This does not help their back and instead, worsens it.

Also, lockers create a space where students can feel comfortable leaving their belongings without fear that it will be lost or stolen. According to the New York Times, 1.2 million thefts were reported nationwide in middle schools and high schools. Many common items stolen are wireless earbuds, cell phones, and clothing. Most of these thefts are because the objects stolen were in the student’s backpack, not their locker. If there were lockers, that would mean a decrease in school thefts.

Lockers let students develop a sense of responsibility. School lockers provide kids of all ages with a unique and valuable opportunity to take care of their own personal things. Taking responsibility for important items represents a critically important life lesson, which should be introduced to kids as early as possible according to rcreducation,com. When you provide kids with lockers, you provide them with the opportunity to safeguard important possessions and generally organize their daily activities like an adult.

Some people say that lockers should not be allowed in schools because students can hide things in their lockers that they’re not supposed to have. A solution to this is locker searches. According to, the most significant advantage to locker searches is that administrators or security personnel can quickly find hidden contraband that a student might be storing. These items may include weapons, illegal drugs, stolen property, or other products which could be dangerous to them or other people. The locker searches wouldn’t be going through the students’ stuff. Administrators can use metal detectors to find any hidden contraband in the students locker. Administrators would only open the lockers and look through the student’s stuff if they had reason to be suspicious.

Lockers would prevent back problems, they would create a safe space for students to keep their things, and would give students an opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility. Since we already have lockers at Bak, all we have to do is convince the student government next school year which will then speak to the administrators at our school and try to convince them to let lockers be allowed again.